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UPC 986-8 Submersible Water-Borne Primer Finish

UPC 986-8 Submersible Water-Borne Grey Primer Finish is a 100% pure acrylic primer finish designed to be submersed if necessary. It has extremely low odour, is non-toxic, non-flammable and mildew resistant. It is a single component coating to be used over steel, galvanized, concrete etc.

Vinyl-Acrylic Co-Polymer Primer-Finish - Waterborne- Non-Flammable - Fast Drying - Low odour - Chemical Resistant - UV Resistant - Submersible.

Mildew Resistant - Anti Fungi - Anti Bacteria - No Smell! Resistant to Chlorine Solution of 6% - Resistant to Formaldehyde Gas for a period of 18 hours minimum

Colour Finish - White - can be tinted, if necessary. Dry schedule - To touch - 40 minutes approx. - Recoat 4 to 6 hours. Flash Point - 200F - Pensky martins closed cup. Recommended spread rate - 200 SQ. Ft. Per U/S/Gal. @ WFT - 6 MILS- DFT 3 MILS. Maximum dry file thickness - 6WFT - Sprayed. Solids by Volume - 49.5% = +/-2%. VOC- CA250 grams per litre.

UPC 986/8 Submersible Primer-Finish may be used as a one coat system over previously painted surfaces in good condition. When used as a primer-finish over concrete, two coats are recommended. When used as a primer - follow with one or two coats of the recommended finish.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency Approval File: T218.

Limitation: Do not intermix - They are not compatible.
Precaution: Do not allow to freeze.

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