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Tri-Tec Products

All of our products are specially formulated to be environmentally harmless and user friendly. Applications are intended for commercial and industrial buildings where air quality improvement is required. We constantly research new methods and materials to provide product improvements and value to the marketplace.

The products we offer are water born and allow for ease of application and clean up. Low V.O.C., non-toxic, and odourless features allow application in confined areas with a minimum of disruption in the workplace. This assures that business and day-to-day activities continue without costly and inconvenient shut down of air handling equipment in your building.

Our primer and finish coatings provide anti bacterial protection of the air handling equipment and are resistant to most cleaning solutions. Once our coatings are applied maintenance is reduced (due to less particle build up) and down stream air quality (in the building) is greatly improved.

All products are produced to the strictest guidelines and conform to the Canadian and United States Government Standard Specifications.

Material specifications and Safety Data are readily available through our web site or by contacting our corporate office.

For more information about our company, or the products and services that we provide, please explore our WebSite or contact us by going to the Contact page.

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