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UPC 986-4 Severe Service Floor Coating

UPC 986-4 Severe Service Floor Coating is a specially formulated single component acrylic-epoxy for use over concrete. UPC 986-4 provides excellent hide capabilties, with an extremely low odour. UPC 986-4 does not require the techincal knowledge of dual component products. UPC 986-4 creates less waste than multiple component products with the ease of water clean-up.

986-4 AEMI-F is a waterborne acrylic-epoxy coating specially formulated for use as a severe service floor coating over concrete. It is a single component to be used as manufactured and does not require the labour and technical knowledge of mixing the product with a catalyst, nor the cost of disposing of unused mixed product with a very short shelf life or its container. It combines the chemical resistance of epoxies with the colour and gloss retention of acrylics - very low odour , low volatility, water clean-up make this product user safe and environmentally acceptable.

R Single Component and Waterborne R Ultraviolet Resistant
R Low Odour & Low Volatility R Excellent Stain Resistance
R Easy to Apply - Roll or Spray R Abrasion Resistance
R Corrosion Resistant R Superior Adhesion
R Chemical Solvent & Acid Resistant R Gloss & Colour Retentio


  • Apply above 12°C
  • Not recommended for subtrate temperatures above 1200C
  • Not recommended for continuous immersion service
  • Not approved for incidental food service

Product Identification: UPC 986-4 AEMI-F
Generic Type: Acrylic-Epoxy Coating
Sheen: Semi-Gloss
Solids by Volume: 37% Recommended Dry Film
Thickness per Coat: 2-3 Mils
Theoretical Coverage per Coat: 1100 Sq. Ft. per 20L
Vehicle Solids by Weight: 22-25%
Total Solids by Weight: 48 to 51%
VOC Lb.: Imperial Gallon is 2.32
Dry Time: 25°C at 50% humidity - Touch dry 60-90 minutes. Full cure is approx. 14 days
Reducer: Distilled Water
Clean-up: Water & Detergent


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