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About Tri-Tec

TRI-TEC SYSTEMS is a division of Tri-Tec Coatings Inc. and has been incorporated since 1985 and have been servicing the greater Ottawa area since its inception. We are a leader specializing in development of coating and related products, for the construction and manufacturing industries, which are renowned for their durability and longevity in the severest of conditions. These products are on the leading edge of tomorrows technology as part of our ongoing commitment to quality and leadership. Along with this is our solid reputation for solving problems in the remediation and refurbishing of air handing equipment in commercial and industrial properties. We back our system with unequalled level of customer, technical and product support.

Our applications group has several crews that are fully trained in the application of our coatings. They have over 15 years of experience in the remediation of air handlers, cooling towers and the application of our floor repair and coating products. All crews are qualified with 404D1, confined space, fall arrest and WHMIS certification for site work in commercial and industrial buildings. This strength and experience adds value to the products we manufacture and to our end clients who chose to have a reliable contractor who will stand behind the completed work.

Mission Statement

"Tri-Tec Systems is dedicated to the improvement of air quality in all commercial and industrial work environments. Through innovative R&D, expertise and experience we are able to provide products and service that will continue to improve air quality."

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