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Buzz Off - Protect Your Health and Environment
BUZZ Off is a registered trademark of Raydon Chemicals Inc.

Bird droppings and nests are a serious health hazard.

  • Bacteria and mites from bird droppings can spread through ventilators, windows and air conditioners.
  • Diseases affecting the himan respitory and nervous system, including salmonella can results.
  • Parasites and insects often infest bird nests.
  • Mite infestation has caused the evacuation and closing of offices and other buildings.
  • Clean-up of bird droppings is an expensive nuisance.
  • Property owners and tenants are often faced with washing walkways an steps daily to clean the mess.
  • Buildings, windows and awnings have to be washed more often to remove unsightly stains.
  • Liability claims increase if someone slips and falls on dirty surfaces.
  • Damage caused by birds increase costs.
  • Acidic secretions from bird droppings damage masonry, wood, metal and painted surfaces.
  • Roofs have to be replaced more often.
  • Cars, boats and other equipment are damaged while in storage areas due to bird droppings.
  • Mechandise is spoiled in manufacturing and processing plants.
Buzz Off Bird

BUZZ Off is the simple solution.

BUZZ Off is a two-part system comprised of a Gel, and its companion Sealer. BUZZ Off is a tactile product and when a bird lands on a treated area it's feet break through Sealer and touch Gel. The bird experiences no pain, but does not like the feeling and will immediately take flight and warn other birds not to land.

BUZZ Off is an odourless material which contains no industrial solvents or other designated hazardous substances, and has a low environmental impact, while being non-flammable and lasting for years if properly applied.

Gel is laid in a bead where birds land. Sealer (which must be used on all applications) forms a coating over Gel and protects it from being covered with dirt and feathers. Sealer also protects birds from becoming entangled in sticky Gel.

BUZZ Off keeps pigeons, sparrows, starlings,
gulls and other birds off balconies, roofs, ledges,
cornices, buildings, bridges etc.

This is a photo of a building in Ottawa, Canada. Normally, you can see birds perched all along the edge of the bulding. However, in the close-up photo, you can clearly see where the birds are not congregating. They're not on the part of the building that has been treated with Buzz Off.

Here you can see how Buzz Off is applied to the building.

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