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Cooling Towers

Cooling towers are an integral part of any industrial or commercial air conditioning system and without proper maintenance can rob the system of efficency. Towers that have leaks or debris (from rust dirt or bacterial build up) in the system will cause increased cost from break down or low efficiency.

A complete inspection should be performed by your maintenance staff and can be assisted by one of our Tri-Tec representatives.

  1. The refurbishing of the tower begins with the initial inspection to determine the scope of work required.
  2. In most cases, age and use dependent, the inside of the water containment unit will require a thorough cleaning to remove rust, scale and dirt.
  3. We will start by removing lose rust and dirt followed buy application of our " Kast-A-Cide" to sanitize and disinfect the containment area.
  4. The substrate, once cleaned, will be ready for the application of our " NR 661 " rustgard which will convert any remaining rust on the metal portions of the tank or containment area. This is to be applied at a rate of 2 mm D.F.T. and sufficient curing time is required before application of our Tank Liner. Optimum curing conditions are @ 20 degrees C and relative humidity of 50% or lower.
  5. Once the rustgard has cured (min12 hrs recommended) the tank liner can be applied. The 986-8 submersible primer finish (tank liner) can be applied at a rate of 5mls minimum D.F.T. and requires 2 coats for maximum protection.
  6. Drying time between coats is approx 1hr. And the introduction of humidity must wait for a minimum of 12 hrs to allow proper cure time.

Note: In most applications a layer of caulking is required around the joints to ensure a complete and water tight seal. This can be applied at any time during the coating process and doesn't interfere with the curing of the rustgard or the tank liner.

For large gaps between joints we will create a flexible joint that is attached between the rustgard coating and the tank liner.

It is recommended that the above work be performed in the off hours and preferably on a weekend, starting on Friday at 5:00 pm to Sunday evening.



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