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Tri-Tec Systems - Maintaining the Indoor Air We Breath
Remediation of Air Handlers, Cooling Towers and Air Intakes
  • Reduces Indoor Air Pollution
  • Creates A Better Working Environment
  • Cleaner Air
  • Healthier Employees - Better Productivity - Less Time Off
  • Reduces Liability Concerns
Air Handler
Cooling Towers
Air Intake

Tri-Tec Systems. A Division of Tri-Tec Coatings Inc. is a progressive company specializing in coatings for the construction and manufacturing industries. We provide products and services that solve protection problems by combining ease of application with longevity and durability under severe conditions. The products we offer are on the leading edge of tomorrow's technology as part of our ongoing commitment to quality and leadership. We back our system with an unequaled level of customer, technical and product support.

More than 80% of all coatings failures can be attributed to inadequate surface preparation, or no surface preparation at all. This includes all types of coating failures such as paint blistering, peeling and situations where the paint fails to last as long as predicted. Prep is of the utmost importance.


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